Learning resources

To help schools and parents, we have made the following resources free for your non-commercial, personal or classroom use. They include number recognition, color matching, sorting, and alphabet letter matching activities.

All of these activities are well-suited for lamination for repeated use, or you can use these files to help children practice their cutting and gluing skills. If laminating, you can use velcro (such as 0.59” diameter self-adhesive dots) to secure the cutouts to their designated pages. 

All of these materials were created by one of our WAM & Fam members. Thank you for respecting her terms of use, which are included at the beginning of each PDF. Enjoy!

5 monkeys and a bed

Sing a song, and have your kids count along as the monkeys fall off the bed.

Calendar: months

Each month has a visual to accompany it, including April flowers and May showers.

Color: rainbows & color wheel

These activities help kids remember the order of a rainbow. The color wheel helps kids recognize each color’s name.

Color matching:
10 colors total

This fun sorting activity has a second page for purple, brown, black, gray, and pink.

Data graphing:
4 & 5 columns

These reusable data graphs can be used to help kids count anything, including pompoms by color, toy cars by type, and treasures they bring home from a nature hunt.

Number recognition:
parking garage

My kids love this single page. I numbered their toy cars from 1 to 10 using painters tape, and they loved driving the cars to their reserved parking spots.

Number recognition:
I can count to 10

Help your kids to count pretzels, pigs, and more.

Shapes (2 levels)

For older kids, the shapes’ silhouettes have been removed to help them work on recognizing each shape’s name.

Sorting: height

Help kids sort a beaker, test tube, crayon, paint brush, pencil, and ruler.

ABCs case match

This activity will help your kids practice matching upper- and lowercase letters.

Calendar: weekdays

We hung this activity on our wall, and my kids love counting off the days of the week as the caterpillar grows.

Color matching: butterflies (2 levels)

Younger kids can match each butterfly to its corresponding silhouette (pictured). Older kids can use the black-silhouettes-only page to help with color name recognition.

Counting apples, 1–10

Kids pick a sun and count that many apples. Or have them roll two dice, adding another element of fun and another layer to number recognition.

Number recognition:
1–5 & 1–10

The 1–5 number recognition page help to emphasize that 1 is always 1, 2 is always 2, etc., regardless of each dot’s size or placement.

Number recognition:
counting by 5s, 10s

Here’s a simple way to help kids visualize counting by 5s and 10s.

Numbered picture puzzle (2 levels)

This activity comes with two background pages: one with and one without the numbers visible.

Sorting: food

Pair this simple activity with a conversation about the nutritious benefits of veggies and fruits. In which category do you prefer to put the tomato and bell pepper?