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Wheaton Area Moms (WAM) invites former members to remain in WAM with Alumni Status. If you have been a member of WAM for at least 3 years and your youngest child is attending Kindergarten or a higher grade, you may remain in WAM as an Alumni Member without paying dues, subject to approval by the WAM Membership Coordinator.  Additional details on guidelines for Alumni Membership status can be obtained from the WAM Membership Coordinator or WAM President.

This application is valid for 2 years (ends 12/31/2020).

Please email the membership coordinator if any of your personal information changes.


I hereby confirm I still reside in Montgomery or adjoining counties


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WAM distributes the Members Roster periodically per email to all members, with some of the following information. Please select any of the information you would like to keep private and not publicize on the roster:


I understand that my participation and the participation of any members of my family in any Wheaton Area Moms function or program is completely voluntary, and I hereby give permission for me and my family to participate in those functions or programs. My family shall hold harmless the Wheaton Area Moms organization, any of its volunteers or representatives, and/or the providers of any function or program location and/or materials from any liability and/or responsibility for any accident, illness, or injury that occurs during or as a result of any function or program. I accept that the final responsibility for my safety and that of my family rests with me.


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