Activities & events

WAM & Fam organizes a variety of activities and events every month that provide our children with opportunities to play, make new friends, explore, learn, and socialize. Moreover, these numerous events offer parents a chance to talk among friends who are in the same season of life. Many of our members either do not have family nearby to lean on, are first-time parents, or are new to staying at home with the kids. WAM & Fam provides our members with a sense of camaraderie.

Our events and activities typically include the following:

  • Weekly age-assigned playgroups
  • Monthly group-wide outings and activities
  • Book clubs
  • Knitting club
  • Parents’ night out

Members are welcome to participate in any and all events that interest them. We offer many events that occur during the day, when at-home moms and dads need the most support, as well as several after school, evening, and weekend get togethers. Previous events have included parks visits, pool days, cookie bakes, coffee stops, story hours, music times, nature walks, happy hour meet ups, trivia nights, and dinner out. Our members host these events, and we encourage members to add more to our shared calendar and invite others to join along.

Note: We do not publish our current calendar on the Internet in order to protect the privacy and safety of our members.

Weekly playgroups

Kids riding scooters at the park

Our weekly playgroups are a great way to make good friends. We have several active playgroups, each of which are intentionally small in number so that parents and children can get to know each other on a regular basis. The playgroup that you join meets once a week on the same day of the week and at the same time. A group comprises approximately 9 moms or dads and their children.

Our playgroup coordinator matches WAM & Fam members with a playgroup based on parents’ schedules, group availability, and the children’s birth dates according to the school year. By grouping the kids by school year, our children form friendships that grow with them—from sitting up, to walking, to potty training, to registering for preschools and kindergarten.

Parents who have more than one child can join a playgroup based on each of their children’s ages, and siblings are welcome to attend the other’s playgroup.

Members take turns hosting, which simply means choosing a location for their playgroup to meet. Typical locations include local parks, libraries, nature centers, open gyms at the rec centers, and members’ homes. Generally, we ask that weekly playdates stay within our membership boundaries and do not cost parents money.

Our weekly playgroups are open only to WAM & Fam members. To learn more about joining, please visit our Join WAM & Fam page. The membership application form contains a field in which you can indicate that you would like to join a weekly playgroup.

Monthly outings & activities

kids playing at a splash park

At the beginning of every month, WAM & Fam’s activities coordinator posts events that any of our members can attend. The events appear in both our members-only Google calendar and listserv, so parents can see what opportunities are coming up next and plan ahead.

Past outings and activities have included stroller-paced, kid-paced, or adult-paced walks; meet ups at local parks and playgrounds; pool days at the county aquatic centers; field trips to farms; cookie swaps; coffee dates; seasonal craft projects; story or music hours at the library; and occasional trips into D.C. Generally, we aim to keep these outings to little or no cost.

Our members host these monthly outings. Any of our members can suggest an outing for the calendar and be the host, which can be as simple as welcoming members to the outing and being the event’s point of contact.

Three times a year we host large parties for our general membership. Traditionally, these are a Valentine’s Day party, an end-of-school-year party to kick off the summer, and a Halloween party.

Note: We do not publish our current calendar on the Internet to protect the privacy and safety of our members.

Book clubs

books spread across a bed, around two feet

WAM & Fam currently has two book clubs for our members. Each club selects its own books, but generally we read all types: fiction, non-fiction, best sellers, classics, memoirs, poetry, etc.

Joining one of our book clubs is an excellent way for parents to make some time for themselves; children do not participate, but infants are welcome. Each club meets once a month and in the evening to discuss a book. Members do not need to finish the book to attend the meeting; however, we might discuss the book’s ending.  

Book club members are encouraged to rotate hosting duties, which involves choosing a location and, if desired, leading the discussion. Past locations have included local restaurants and members’ homes. For convenience, we ask that the location be central to WAM & Fam’s membership in the Silver Spring and Wheaton areas.

If you are interested in joining one of the book clubs, please contact us and state “book club” in the subject line. Depending on the clubs’ availability and your schedule needs, we will match you with a book club coordinator with information on how to join.

Knitting club

Woman's hands knitting

WAM & Fam has two monthly knitting events for our members: a morning kid-friendly playdate on the 4th Wednesday of each month and a parents-only night out on the 2nd Thursday of each month. These events are posted on our shared group calendar with specific locations and times.

At these events, members tend to work on their own projects. Occasionally, we organize a yarn swap. If members are interested, club members can also participate in a knit-along. Some of our members have also participated in past service project events by making blankets and baby hats for Project Linus.

Although called a knitting club, this group includes people who crochet, embroider, hand sew, etc. We encourage members to work on anything they want. Mainly, this club helps parents to make time for crafting and socializing. And if someone wants to learn or needs advice on a project, our members are happy to help with that too.

If you are interested in joining this club, please contact us and state “knitting club” in the subject line.

Parents’ night out

close up of a table with dinner, wine, and at night time

Every now and then, moms and dads like to have a night out without the kids. As such, our parents’ night out events are quite popular.

Any of our members can suggest and host a parents’ night out, and our activities coordinator can add it to our members-only shared Google calendar. Past events have included dinner at a restaurant, a night at the movies, or create-your-own pottery.

So put those kids to bed, find someone to watch them, and come hang out with your friends.