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We are here for parents like you.

Located in Montgomery County, Maryland, Wheaton Area Moms (WAM) is an independent support group that welcomes all moms and dads, including those who stay at home with their children either full or part time or work any number of hours. The majority of our members live in or near the neighborhoods of Wheaton and Silver Spring, primarily near the 20902 zip code.

See the FAQs about WAM page for more information about our group’s postal boundaries.

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Playtime with friends

Our variety of activities offer parents flexibility yet reliability. Our monthly calendar has plenty of after school, evening, and weekend activities. And most of our playgroups are held during the day, when at-home parents need the most support. Visit our Activities and events page to learn more about our weekly playgroups, monthly outings, and activity clubs.

Community outreach

WAM also believes in showing our children how we can give back to our community and help our fellow members and neighbors. Visit our Volunteer services page for more information about the many ways in which we try to help others.


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Our group warmly welcomes new members. We host two community-wide open events each month for prospective members to meet other stay-at-home parents and current members of WAM. These open events are usually a playdate at either a library or nature center and take place during the week. If you can’t attend one of these events, reach out to our membership coordinator.

In addition to always inviting new members to join our group, we also maintain the friendships we’ve made through our alumni network. Visit our Membership page to learn how to join and find out more.

Preschool resources

WAM hosts an annual preschool fair and offers other resources such as our online directory to help southern Montgomery County parents find a preschool right for their family’s needs. Visit our Preschool fair and online directory pages for more details.

About WAM

Wheaton Area Moms has existed in some capacity for more than 20 years.

We initially started out as part of the Silver Spring chapter of the international MOMS Club for stay-at-home moms. After operating for several years, the MOMS Club decided the chapter had grown too large and in 2005 divided us into 4 smaller, separate groups.

Renamed the Silver Spring­–West chapter, our group continued to grow over the next few years. And after 2 of the other Silver Spring chapters closed, we began to receive membership requests from mothers, as well as fathers, within those regions and beyond. We wanted to open our doors to all part- and full-time stay-at-home parents and not limit membership to a small geographic location. 

To accomplish this new mission, our board and members unanimously agreed to dissolve the Silver Spring–West chapter, say farewell to the MOMS Club, and immediately form our own independent, private group in 2009. At the time, the majority of our members lived in or near Wheaton; thus, they voted to rename our group Wheaton Area Moms (WAM).

Today, while our members live primarily in Silver Spring, we also have plenty of mothers and fathers from Bethesda, Olney, Laurel, Takoma Park, etc. In addition, our membership has grown to include parents who work part or full time, as our group welcomes any parent looking for support.